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What are the benefits of Using Magnesium Oil?

Are you magnesium deficient?

muscle cramps and magnesium deficiency

Signs and symptoms that indicate you could be magnesium deficient include the following:

-  Muscle cramps 

-  High blood pressure

-  Insomnia 

-  Irritability

-  Menstrual cramps

-  Sensitivity to loud noises

-  Anxiety

-  Irritable bowel syndrome 

-  Autism

-  Reflux

-  Trouble swallowing

-  Palpitations

-  Diabetes

-  Calcium deficiency

-  Asthma 

-  Constipation

-  Chronic fatigue 

-  Kidney stones 

-  Headaches

-  Fibromyalgia

-  Migraines

-  Muscle twitches

-  Facial tics or muscle spasms 

-  weakness

    What’s more is that, unlike many other supplements, the most efficient way of taking magnesium in doses that are therapeutic to the body is via topical (through the skin), that is, rubbed directly into the skin, where it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Topical magnesium spray has been shown to be much more efficient than taking oral magnesium tablets because bypassing the digestive system, which limits absorption and creates a laxative effect before sufficient quantity is absorbed.

    DownUnder Oil has developed a superior quality, highly concentrated oil made right here in Australia.

     How does the body benefit from DownUnder Magnesium oil?

    -  High strength

    -  Free from toxins and metals

    -  Instant relaxation effect that can be felt in seconds or minutes

    -  Improves your Mood

    -  Essential for maintaining healthy skin and treating skin conditions such as eczema

    -  Helps to rectify hormonal imbalance

    -  Works synergistically with Calcium to regulate muscle tone and nerves

    -  Helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar

    -  Helps you to get a deeper, better quality sleep 

    -  Helps in the healing of wounds

    -  Aids cell growth and regrowth

    -  Promotes convalescence

    -  Assists the body to produce insulin

        Add to this Down Under Oil’s competitive prices, fast shipping and great personalised customer service and you can enjoy this superior quality Australian made product.

        DownUnder Oil Magnesium Oil spray is a highly concentrated, superior quality oil that is designed to be sprayed directly onto the skin where it is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream.

         Non toxic formula that is safe to use on the skin

        -  Does not contain metals

        -  Food grade magnesium for superior purity

        -  Australian owned and made

          Supplementing with Magnesium Oil by means of topical skin application can help with a vast variety of ailments including:

           stress and magnesium deficiency

          -  Fatigue

          -  Stress

          -  Nervous Tension

          -  High Blood Pressure

          -  Muscle Aches, Cramps, Stiffness and Aches

          -  Inability to Sleep

          -  Headaches or Migraines


          magnesium deficiency and headache

            When using Magnesium Oil for the first time, you may experience a slightly tingly sensation on your skin, likely caused by the lack of Magnesium in your body.  This sensation typically subsides as you use the DownUnder Oil Magnesium spray regularly.

             How to take:

            We recommend that you spray the Magnesium Oil on your body and leave it to absorb for a minimum of half an hour before rinsing.  Try to avoid spraying on sensitive areas or on broken skin as this can sting, however it is not harmful.

            Spraying the body with Magnesium chloride spray just before bed time will help promote deeper, more restful sleep.

            We recommend using Magnesium Oil regularly and consistently to maintain optimal Magnesium mineral levels in your body.  Should you experience loose bowels, this means that a greater than required quantity of Magnesium has been taken, and simply signals to decrease the amount used until bowel motions return to normal.

            Magnesium flakes can also be used if you would prefer relaxing in a bath tub or in a foot spa - use 1 scoop of Magnesium Chloride Flakes into a warm bucket of water/foot spa and soak the feet and feel the tension in your being relieved.  Use 2 - 3 scoop of magnesium flakes into a warm bath tub and soak the whole body for about 30 minutes to relieve stress and ease muscle tension.


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            Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information presented on this websites is for research and education purposes only.

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