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Can Magnesium Cure Headaches and Migraines?

Can magnesium help with headaches and migraines?


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According to Dr. David Williams, "One of the most commonly overlooked migraine triggers is a magnesium deficiency". Precisely why this occurs is still under study and debate, but if you have recently asked, "Can magnesium cure headaches and migraines?", the answer is a solid yes, but only if you are deficient in this mineral. How likely is that? Well, most agree that our modern diet is sadly low in this key compound. As one medical expert explained, "Our ancient ancestors would have had a ready supply from organ meats, seafood, mineral water, and even swimming in the ocean, but modern soils can be depleted of minerals and magnesium is removed from water during routine municipal treatment.

The current RDA for adults is between 320 and 420mg daily, and the average US intake is around 250mg daily." And though most of us might say, that a little deficient is not such a bad thing, the reality is that magnesium is key to a huge number of biochemical reactions in the body. So, can magnesium cure headaches and migraines? Yes.


How Can Magnesium Cure Headaches and Migraines?


Let's begin with some solid facts. First of them is that studies now prove that around half of migraine patients are suffering lowered levels of magnesium as they suffered a severe attack, and that for most of them, an infusion of magnesium actually provided relief. How can magnesium help with migraines?


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What experts believe is that a deficiency leads an unregulated amount of serotonin in the blood stream. This compound leads to vascular spasms, which in turn cut down on blood flow into the brain, and this leads to a migraine or a severe headache. For those who suffer chronic headache or migraine, and who wish to discover how to get rid of a migraine or a headache, the answer may lie with magnesium.


But, Really, Can Magnesium Cure Headaches and Migraines or Just Reduce Symptoms?


If we just look at what experts report from a diversity of studies and publications, we'd see that there is a clear and direct correlation between low magnesium and migraine. So, if you are asked, can magnesium cure headaches and migraines, here's what science says: "A 1989 study showed Low brain magnesium is an important factor in the mechanism of the migraine attack… Magnesium is thought to affect changes in the blood vessels in the brain. Magnesium supplements are sometimes recommended to prevent migraines.


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They are also recommended to treat acute migraines… Magnesium is one of several therapies being tested for effectiveness in prevention and treatment of migraines." Note that these are just some of the studies and findings. So, if you want to unravel just how to cure a migraine or a headache, begin with magnesium.


What Type of Magnesium Is Best for Headache or Migraine?


Naturally, if asking can magnesium cure headaches and migraines, we must also wonder what vitamins are good for headaches, or which types of magnesium supplements are the right solution? Here is where it gets interesting. As we read earlier, the RDI is around 420mg, but most only manage 250mg. We are using it all of the time, too, and especially if we lead stressful lives and suffer other issues such as muscle cramp, heart arrhythmia, panic attacks and more.

Our bodies will typically contain around 24 grams of magnesium at any time, and need that supplementation to allow it to do its work. We rarely get that in our diets, and studies have shown that oral supplementation has to be quite extreme (around 600mg) to be most effective. Attempting to get it in the diet can be quite challenging, too. This is why topical magnesium may be your best ally.


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Is magnesium good for headaches or migraine? Is it something that can combat the severity of menstrual migraine or chronic and severe migraine attacks? Science is proving over and over that most migraine sufferers are also experiencing magnesium deficiency. Can magnesium cure headaches and migraines? It can alleviate or reduce symptoms. Is magnesium good for headaches, in other words, is it safe? There are no side effects associated with it, but certain formulations of oral magnesium have been known to cause digestive upset. This is why topical treatments are best. Downunder Oil Magnesium products are a high quality, pure and organic magnesium oil that can be topically applied. If you suffer from headache or migraine, try magnesium applied topically to see if you can get serotonin back under control and eliminate the pain of this condition.


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