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Interesting facts on Magnesium role and benefits in the body?

  • Chronic Pain sufferers who show symptoms of muscle pain, cramps and fatigues are showing signs of magnesium deficiency.
  • Blood test is NOT the best indicator of magnesium level and indicates only 1% of total magnesium in the body.
  • Application of Magnesium Oil spray penetrates the surface of the skin, and is distributed to where it is most needed.
  • Benefits of using magnesium in the body?

  • Magnesium is a potent vasodilator and muscle relaxant.  Magnesium spray use for muscle pain can be effective when applied into the skin; it can alleviate muscle cramps and pain.
  • Magnesium is required by the body in order for calcium to be fully absorbed.  Lack of magnesium in the body leads to calcium being deposited into our tissue and calcium being under-absorbed leading to arthritis or osteoporosis.  Magnesium is the key to calcium absorption.
  • There are countless amount of research that indicates the benefits of magnesium using supplements however most people are not aware that taking oral Magnesium supplement is NOT the best way for magnesium to be absorbed by the body; it is through the skin (transdermal magnesium spray or topical magnesium spray method) that magnesium is best absorbed.  Using magnesium oil spray (Magnesium chloride Spray) is the BEST WAY to absorb magnesium and correct magnesium deficiency (Sircus, 2010).
  • The most absorbable form of Magnesium is Magnesium Chloride and magnesium topical use is the best way for it to be absorbed. For example; when magnesium spray is used for muscular pain it helps in reducing pain and inflammation while propagating quicker regeneration of tissues.
  • Benefits of using 'Magnesium Oil' and Magnesium Chloride in the body?

  • Magnesium Oil is NOT actually Oil; it is magnesium chloride flakes mixed in distilled water – this results in an ‘oily’ type solution.  Magnesium chloride spray use onto the feet can assist in easing foot cramps.  Alternatively applying magnesium chloride flakes diluted into a bucket of warm water and soaking your feet may also help in relieving cramps and muscle tension on the sole of your feet.
  • Magnesium plays a key role in cellular metabolism and protein synthesis; this is vital regulation of heart rate and during muscle development.
  • Downunder Oil Magnesium products have the highest concentration of magnesium oil per ml: one teaspoon of magnesium chloride is equivalent to 1050 mg of magnesium; best magnesium oil spray in the market. Our Magnesium supplies are harvested here in Australia so you can rest assure that our products is Australia made .  We have a large range of magnesium chloride products to cater to everyone’s needs.  For example, our lavender and Lemon Myrtle magnesium oil spray and magnesium chloride flakes are some of our unique products.