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Magnesium Deficiency Causes

Be Sure You Understand Magnesium Deficiency Causes

Just what are the causes of magnesium deficiency? With more than 80% of adults suffering low magnesium levels, and then enduring the long list of health issues caused by deficiency, it is vital that we know the reasons behind it. Because taking oral supplements of magnesium is not the way to address deficiency (as this can cause serious digestive disruption and because absorption can be blocked by the presence of other minerals, like calcium), understanding what led to deficiency and then learning how to deal with the issue is the wisest approach.


Understanding the Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

When considering the causes of lack of magnesium, it is entirely natural to think, "I am just not eating the right foods". On one hand, you would be correct, but there is more to the story. Food sources high in natural and absorbable magnesium are dark leafy greens like Swiss chard, spinach and others. Almonds and lima beans as well as oat bran and brown rice also provide a nice amount per serving.

Now, reading that might make you realize that your diet could be sadly lacking in magnesium. Add to that the fact that "Magnesium itself is reasonably poorly absorbed (35% absorbed in the worst case scenario and 45% absorbed in the best)" and it can be easy to see one of the leading causes of magnesium deficiency - a poor diet.

Yet, there is actually still more to the issue. The SAD or Standard American Diet is one that is, sadly, adhered to in many areas of the world. It is not only Americans consuming large amounts of fatty meats, processed foods, dairy products, and refined grain foods. Millions of adults around the world are eating diets that are formed of mostly low-magnesium foods. With low absorption, the small amount is further reduced, and then there is the problem created by modern agriculture.


It is a simple fact that the use of heavy amounts of chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers have further reduced the nutrient levels in our foods - meaning minerals like magnesium are knocked down to even lower amounts. It is why so few are able to consume the 240 to 420mg of dietary magnesium suggested for most adults.

Learn What Depletes the Body of Magnesium

In addition to poor diet, absorption and low nutrient counts in modern foods, another of the causes of low magnesium is the fact that some of the materials we consume actually cause us to lose magnesium. In essence, some dietary choices deplete the body of magnesium. Drinking soft drinks with phosphates is one of the main factors that contributes to magnesium deficiency.


How? The phosphates in the bubbly beverages actually cling to magnesium in the body. This guarantees that you won't be able to absorb it. Then, our kidneys do the good work of filtering everything and will excrete that magnesium.

Issues are made even worse if the drink is also caffeinated. This is because the caffeine will act as a diuretic, and even a mild laxative for some. This draws even more of the magnesium out of the body. Alcohol does the same, and the acidity in sodas, alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea can also severely irritate the intestines and cause nutrient absorption to be hindered further.

Stress Is One of the Key Lack of Magnesium Causes

Our poor dietary habits and our consumption of certain beverages can cause us to suffer magnesium loss. Our modern habit of leading highly stressful lives also plays a role, and is seen as both one of the magnesium deficiency causes and symptoms. Chronic stress tends to create a much higher adrenaline level, and this forces the body to shed magnesium. As one of the leading magnesium deficiency causes, it is a double edged sword. Why? Because those with healthy magnesium levels exhibit and complain of lower stress levels, meaning getting enough magnesium in the body can actually protect from further deficiency and combat stress.


Overcoming the Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

We have now looked at leading magnesium deficiency causes, but not considered the optimal method of overcoming them. While it is true that magnesium deficiency causes include poor diet, it is also true that oral supplementation is continually shown to be less effective. To overcome the key causes of magnesium deficiency, it is best to use a topical approach. In fact, an Associated Press report even explained that "magnesium sprays applied to the skin (transdermal supplements) work far better than oral supplements". At Downunder Products, you can find topical sprays (Downunder Oil Magnesium Spray) that will help you address the causes of magnesium deficiency in yourself or your family.


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