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Magnesium Topical and oil Spray benefits

Oral magnesium supplement vs. Magnesium Topical spray method?

Magnesium is identified as the fourth most important minerals that our body needs; magnesium has over 300 biochemical functions in our body.  Countless amount of information are available on the world wide web on magnesium supplementation and research emphasizing on the important role that magnesium plays in our body but despite this more than 75% of the population are magnesium deficient.


What are some of the reasons for this?

- It’s because we simply do not get enough magnesium supplements from our diet

- Some of the food that we eat can also impact the level of magnesium that our body can retain for example; drinking alcohol and certain medication can decrease the level of magnesium in our body.

- During physical activities e.g. exercise; the level of magnesium in our body drops due to energy production required by the body and when we sweat our body’s magnesium level drops.

Most people believes that taking Oral Magnesium (in tablet form or powder) will correct this deficiency; but unfortunately our body will only absorbed approx 10% of the magnesium.  Taking large quantities of magnesium can also have a laxative effect on the body. 

Benefits of using Magnesium Oil Spray?

Topical Magnesium method is the most effective way of absorbing magnesium; when magnesium oil is sprayed onto the skin; magnesium is absorbed and is transported by the body for use at the intracellular level.
When topical magnesium spray is used and sprayed onto the skin; it is immediately absorbed by the skin and surrounding tissues.

When downunder oil magnesium topical spray is used; magnesium is rapidly absorbed by the tissues and may be useful in relieving muscular cramps and pain. 


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