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Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure

natural remedy blood pressure and magnesium

If you are currently among the millions with high blood pressure, or the first signs of developing hypertension, you may want to consider some natural remedies to lower blood pressure. While a serious health threat may necessitate the use of pharmacological solutions, there are some proven home remedies for high blood pressure, foods that lower blood pressure, and natural remedies to lower blood pressure.

Prevention magazine warns that high blood pressure contributes to more than 15% of the deaths in the U.S. alone each year and that it is an underlying cause to many strokes, aneurysms, cognitive issues, kidney problems, and more. Clearly, it is of benefit to those at risk to learn how to reduce high blood pressure naturally, safely and quickly.

Discovering Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure

While it is very important for anyone with seriously high blood pressure to know how to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency (drink a lot of tap water quickly to induce heavy urination and kidney cleansing, do not take extra medications and avoid salty and sugary foods), it is also a good to just know how to reduce high blood pressure naturally at home and on a daily basis. Among the most obvious of the natural remedies to lower blood pressure is daily exercise.

blood pressure and magnesium

Rigorous walking or jogging can lower blood pressure immediately, and if you workout for 30 minutes or more each day, it is going to lower blood pressure over the long term. Also use deep and cleansing breathing exercises (it takes only five minutes) to decrease stress hormones that boost blood pressure. You will also want to add potassium high foods in the diet, such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, raisin, peas, dried fruit, potatoes, orange juice and bananas. You also want to cut out the salt habit.

diet and high blood pressure magnesium

Further Alternative Treatment for High Blood Pressures

How can we control our high blood pressure with additional natural remedies to lower blood pressure? Consider magnesium. It is important for muscle and nerve function and is noted as one of the most vital components in different biomechanical functions throughout the body.

Not only can it help with blood glucose levels but it is also an important part of controlling blood pressure and one of the best natural remedies to lower blood pressure available. Some recent studies took a look at more than two thousand people with high blood pressure. They were given from 240mg to more than 950mg of magnesium daily for three weeks to six months. What they found was astonishing.

magnesium and blood pressure

“The researchers found that taking 368 mg of magnesium supplements daily for three months reduced people’s systolic blood pressure by an average of two millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), and reduced their diastolic blood pressure by an average of 1.8 mm Hg)”

By preventing blood vessels from constricting (a key cause of higher blood pressure) it improved blood flow and reduced the many risks associated with high blood pressure. However, the study did determine that benefits were only gained by those who were unable to obtain adequate amounts through diet, and more importantly, that it was only consistent delivery that enabled subjects to control or prevent issues leading to high blood pressure. Of course, this supplies us with the clearest answer to the question of a natural remedy for high blood pressure - magnesium, but delivered in a way that creates a regular and steady supply.

This is why it may be a wise choice for those interested in natural remedies to lower blood pressure to consider topically applied magnesium. It is a time released supplement slowly absorbed by the body through the skin, offering the kind of protection advocated by the findings of multiple studies and tests. Downunder Oil Products provides a high quality, pure and organic magnesium oil that can be topically applied.

If you suffer from high blood pressure and want to use a far more natural method of treating it than medications and high dosages of over the counter supplements, topical application may be the perfect approach. While dietary sources must be included in your diet, and exercise, low salt and stress reduction help, a steady supply through the skin is a sure-fire way to start reducing your blood pressure right away.


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