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Natural Remedies to Treat Anxiety

Discovering Natural Remedies to Treat Anxiety

One of the biggest questions that almost anyone with any sort of anxiety-related issue will wonder is this: how can I treat anxiety naturally? After all, many studies about the long term effects of using pharmaceutical remedies have revealed that they are not altogether healthy, nor do they address the underlying causes of the anxiety.

As one report explains, "Anxiety medications come with a long list of side effects and safety concerns, not the least of which is the risk of drug dependence. Side effects of anti-anxiety medications include low libido, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, fatigue, trouble concentrating and many more."


This is a key reason that anyone diagnosed with anxiety or who lives in a chronic state of nervousness will need to look at remedies that are two-fold. First, they must do all that they can to understand the cause for the issue. Is it work-related? Is it part of another health issue? Is it due to life stress?

Whatever answers you find, you must then consider how to address the anxiety through support, therapy and also thinking about things like diet, exercise and relaxation. One thing that many experts are now recommending to patients is to consider a natural cure for anxiety rather than a pharmaceutical one. This is because there are natural compounds that are proven to be amazingly effective at creating a state of calm and relaxation, reducing anxiety without the harmful effects.


As the experts at the Calm Clinic say, "Natural treatments are much more preferable… They cause no dependency, no side effects, and using them doesn't impact your ability to learn valuable coping strategies…some nutrients may be beneficial for anxiety as well. One that has received some promising result is Magnesium."

Natural Anxiety Treatment Without Medication

Magnesium is already noted as a cure for headaches and migraines, but as indicated above, an alternative treatment for anxiety is the use of magnesium. It is a nutrient, but it is something our diets may be sadly lacking. This is a substantial issue that many overlook because magnesium is essential for the function of many different cellular transport activities in our bodies. When we are deficient in it, we may have muscle cramps, immense fatigue, lose our mental clarity and even experience life threatening arrhythmias.


If we are both deficient in magnesium and dealing with a state of high nervousness and/or anxiety, that deficiency can actually worsen the symptoms of the anxiety; making us increasingly tense and stressed. This is a key reason that so many medical and dietary professionals say that one of the best natural anxiety supplements is magnesium. One psychiatrist even wrote about it, calling it the "original chill pill" because of its amazing effects and ability for treating anxiety without medication.

How to Cure Anxiety Naturally

So, how do you treat nervousness with magnesium? While it might seem like the proverbial no-brainer to use supplementation, the body is not designed for enormous doses of magnesium at once. Taking it orally can lead to digestive disruption, and even worse is that our bodies will typically not absorb much more than 20-50% of the magnesium supplements in use.


Instead, if you are looking for an effective answer to the question of "what can I do to help with my anxiety?" you will want to consider topical magnesium. Known as magnesium chloride, it can be found as an oil spray or in the form of flakes that can be used for soaking baths. While the spray is a simple and effective solution, the use of a soaking bath may be optimal simply because this is such a relaxing activity.


Downunder Products specializes in magnesium chloride products (Downunder oil Magnesium) for those who are seeking at home remedies for anxiety and other conditions. Improving the health and condition of the skin, the products also enable users to enjoy the many, profound benefits of topically applied magnesium chloride. When it is absorbed through the skin it does not present the risks of any digestive upset, nor is any of its effectiveness diminished through gastrointestinal processes.

Instead, the magnesium chloride is able to enter the cells and tissues and perform the many tasks for which it is needed. This is especially important for those looking to overcome anxiety naturally, as it protects cells and supports improved brain health.


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