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Treatments for Fibromylagia

Learn More About Fibromyalgia Treatment

If you have been recently diagnosed with the chronic condition known as fibromyalgia, or you believe you have it, you will want to begin to learn as much as you can about fibromyalgia treatment. This is because it is an unusual syndrome with mysterious origins and a wide range of suspected causes. Because of that, fibromyalgia treatment is often customised to the individual and may use a unique blend of traditional and alternative methods.

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How Is Fibromyalgia Treated?

As you begin to uncover the ways that you will be addressing the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, you may want a very generally answer to "how is fibromyalgia treated?" For example, is it done mostly with medication? Do physicians use any physical therapy instead? Is there a fibromyalgia natural treatment? Perhaps you just want data on what is the best treatment for fibromyalgia in general.




 Unfortunately, there cannot be a simple solution. As many experts will tell you, diagnosis and treatment can be challenging because the condition has symptoms that actually overlap with other issues. For example, it is not unusual for a patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia to also have sleep apnoea, chronic headache, and even issues like low hormones or arthritis. This can make fibromyalgia treatment a bit of a challenge, but the good news is that many of the symptoms can be remedied.




Naturally, this leads many to ask "is fibromyalgia curable?" The most honest answer is "no" and that is due to the fact that its causes are relatively unknown. It could begin because of an emotional issue, a physical trauma, after a long-term condition like arthritis or many other issues. This means any fibromyalgia treatment has to start with a look at the symptoms.

Fibromyalgia Treatment and Symptoms

For most patients diagnosed with the condition, the symptoms will begin with widespread pain, poor sleep, muscle stiffness or pain, extreme fatigue, loss of mental focus, headache, and sensitivity to pain and sound. Typically, most patients will first ask "how can I relieve fibromyalgia pain and stiffness?" because it is this set of symptoms that has become debilitating enough to pursue fibromyalgia treatment.




What is so interesting is the emergence of links between a magnesium deficiency and some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. As an example, many patients being diagnosed for suspected fibromyalgia have symptoms mirroring those associated with magnesium deficiency, such as fatigue, poor sleep, poor memory and muscular issue. During testing, it is frequently discovered that a patient is deficient in magnesium in addition to showing other signs of fibromyalgia.




Why this is so important is because magnesium is often known as a relaxation mineral thanks to its overall calming effects on muscles, nerves and even the brain. Being deficient in it only worsens the pain due to fibromyalgia. As a noted "hyperactive stress response", fibromyalgia must be counteracted by the body's natural ability to calm and soothe itself.

So, what often happens is that the question of "what can I do to relieve fibromyalgia pain?" can be partially answered by magnesium supplements.

Stress and a Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, and its immediate causes remain unknown. Yet, many people diagnosed with it know that moments of high stress can lead to what are called fibromyalgia flare ups. These are often experienced as elevated levels of pain, sleeplessness, headaches and fatigue.




Fortunately, the discovery of magnesium deficiency in relation to fibromyalgia has now allowed many people to find fibromyalgia pain relief without drugs through the use of magnesium. Unfortunately, magnesium absorption through the gastrointestinal tract is not always the most efficient way to employ it in the fight against fibromyalgia symptoms. According to most experts, the body typically absorbs only 20-50% of magnesium consumed orally, but transdermal magnesium (that applied to and absorbed by skin) bypasses the GI tract and sends it more immediately to the soft tissues, cells and bones.




Dr. Ginevra Liptan suggests that one of the easiest ways to use magnesium chloride as one of the finest home remedies for fibromyalgia flare ups by "soaking in magnesium-enriched water… We absorb magnesium better through our skin than through our intestines, so a transdermal application is an effective way to trigger relaxation" and relieve pain.

At Downunder Oil those seeking natural fibromyalgia remedies can find magnesium chloride products that include oil spray and bath flakes that can be used to deliver much faster relief.


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