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Understanding the Links Between Magnesium and Leg Cramps

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No matter why or when you suffer leg cramps, science proves that there are irrefutable links between magnesium and leg cramps. However, leg cramps of this kind are always related to a deficiency, so it is better to say that science says that there are undeniable links to low magnesium and leg cramps.

Mineral depletion, including too little calcium, potassium or magnesium can easily lead to leg cramping. As a result, the benefits of using magnesium for muscle or leg cramps are recognized by athletes, the elderly and even pregnant women who all suffer from these occasional or chronic leg cramps.

Magnesium and Leg Cramps: Linked to Dehydration, Diuretics and Minerals

If you want to understand how magnesium and leg cramps are so closely linked, you need to start with issues like dietary supplements, dehydration and diuretics and mineral depletion. Whether you take a daily vitamin or individual supplements, your body will only use them if needed.


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If you are not low on a particular vitamin or mineral, your body will not absorb the supplement, and will instead pass it out through your urine. What makes this problematic is that many people with high blood pressure or those taking certain medications for conditions like thyroid disorder, liver problems, nerve conditions and diabetes may also use diuretics to help reduce water retention, and in doing so, find themselves at risk for magnesium deficiency and leg cramps.

Those at greatest risks for needing to learn how to relieve muscle cramps due to low magnesium are the elderly, pregnant women, people with certain medical conditions, and those with circulatory issue or limited mobility. While medical experts advocate stretching exercises, attention to hydration and even some medications, they also understand that muscle cramps and magnesium supplements are an authentic issue, and advise discussing supplementation if you appear to be at risk.

Most doctors or medical experts can walk patients through a lengthy question and answer session to determine if there is a clear link between a deficiency of magnesium and leg cramps suffered by the patient.


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Discover the Best Magnesium for Leg Cramps

Whether you are going to visit a doctor because you think you may need magnesium for leg cramps at night or because you are concerned that you may be at risk for deficiency, you are wise for taking such action. Consider that doctors participating in an International Magnesium Symposium indicated that deficiency in magnesium could be called a "silent epidemic", and something that is so far reaching throughout the body's many systems that it can be difficult to identify.


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With more than 300 biochemical functions in the body, even a mild deficiency in magnesium could present as a list of symptoms, including leg cramps, fatigue, high blood pressure, headaches, nervousness and more. Yet, many also know that oral supplementation, such as taking vitamin-styled capsules, may not be the most ideal approach.

As already indicated, if you do not need magnesium at the moment the oral supplement makes it available, it passes through the body without being absorbed and then leaves through the urinary tract. This leaves us with the question of just what is the best magnesium for leg cramps and any other symptoms caused by deficiency?

The Ideal Answer for Magnesium Supplementation

Rather than attempting to swallow an oral supplement at just the right moment, thereby alleviating your leg cramps or other issues, topical magnesium is continually touted as an optimal solution. Topical means applied to the skin, and when packaged as a lightweight spray you simply spritz over the skin, it can be one of the most reliable ways of delivering a safe and effective supplement.

Topical magnesium is convenient and is a time released supplement simply because it is slowly absorbed by the body through the skin. It is the best way to deal with a deficiency of magnesium and leg cramps or other symptoms that this creates. Downunder Products provides a high quality, pure and organic magnesium Downunder oil that can be topically applied. If you are worried that your leg cramps are due to magnesium deficiency, or if you suffer from the general aches, pains and other complications of a deficiency in this key mineral, this can be the ideal solution for you.

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