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What is Magnesium Oil?

What Is Magnesium Oil used for?

The list of health issues and symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency is fairly alarming. It is also something that many mainstream medical experts have considered as the missing link, or leading cause of increasing numbers of health issues. How can centuries of medical studies and practice have overlooked a deficiency as a leading cause for more than 20 serious issues? The answer is surprisingly simple: "Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests – only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood."

Even more surprising is the fact that most bloodworm does not specifically look for magnesium levels. As one doctor said, though "Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency…[it] is the most critical mineral required for electrical stability of every cell in the body. A magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient.”

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Magnesium Topical Vs. Oral

Sadly, 80% of adults do not consume adequate amounts of dietary magnesium. Even more problematic is that most supplements don't do the trick either. This is because magnesium is not a mineral that is easily absorbed by the digestive tract, and it is why magnesium oil is becoming a major tool in the fight of many chronic and serious issues.


Just What Is Magnesium Oil?

Also described as topical or transdermal magnesium oil, it is a compound that allows your body to take in magnesium in a much more effective way - sending it directly to cells and tissue without first undergoing digestion. Because the magnesium that does make its way through digestion is absorbed, at best, at a rate of no more than 45%, it is much more effective to consider magnesium oil.
This is even more important when you understand how to use magnesium oil therapy to address a number of issues.

What Does Magnesium Oil Do for The Body?

Magnesium oil use is growing, and people from all areas of the world have posed the same question as we did in the title - what is magnesium oil? However, it is better to ask what is magnesium oil good for? That is because the list of things it treats and addresses is quite astonishing. For a long while, people have been using magnesium oil for pain, particularly the topical oils as they set to work immediately overcoming the spasms and cramps caused by deficiency.


Of course, this makes many ask "can magnesium oil help with arthritis and joint pain?" Again, the answer is yes, and without getting too into the science behind it, let's just say that our bodies use magnesium to regulate calcium. Calcium activates nerves that sense pain in the body. Magnesium can actually switch off calcium on neurons that sense pain - and this can address pain of many kinds, especially pain like that from arthritis. So, magnesium oil for pain relief, in general, is a very wise idea.
What else is magnesium oil good for? Remember that you will use it for overcoming issues caused by deficiency more often than you will to treat a specific condition. The goal always being to keep your body's magnesium levels at the recommended amounts. However, it is good for "spot" treating several problems. Here is a short list of answers to the question of what is magnesium oil good for treating:

  • Workout recovery or sports injury pain and/or discomfort
  • Relief from migraine and headache


  • Skin conditions like oily skin, acne and even rosacea
  • Stress and anxiety can be better managed with proper magnesium levels
  • Poor sleep can be addressed with topically applied magnesium
  • Diabetes can be better controlled with balanced magnesium levels
  • Pain from fibromyalgia can be dealt with by topical magnesium
  • Hypertension is believed to be better regulated with magnesium supplementation


So, does magnesium oil work? The science says it does, and many mainstream professionals have gone on record to indicate that to be the case. While it is still an area of intense study, it is also perfectly safe to start supplementing with topical magnesium. Naturally, this brings many to ask if there is a "best magnesium oil", and the answer is very simple - magnesium chloride seems to be the most readily and effectively absorbed.
Downunder Products specializes in magnesium chloride Downunder oils for those who are eager to discover the many benefits available to them when they supplement with magnesium oil.


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