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100 Ketone Urine Test Strips - Ketostix Ketosis Keto Atkins Low Carb Diet Paleo


This is for 100 Strips of KETONE Test Strips
– Medical grade + High Quality
– Used to test Ketone levels in your urine
– Test results are available generally within 15 seconds from testing
– Ketone are usually present in the urine during a fasted state – during the process of ketosis

🥑GET THE MOST ACCURATE RESULTS – Be on top of your health.  Discover how effective you are in your Keto Diet. Monitor the ketones in your urine using these high quality, ketone test strips.

🥑WORRY-FREE DAILY KETONE MEASUREMENT – Choose to check your ketones as often as you want. With 125 ketone test strips per pack, you have more than enough to do the test on a daily basis.

🥑QUICK AND EASY URINE TEST – In just 15 seconds, you get the results you need. Plus, you can do the test anywhere you are. Fuss-free!

🥑WIDELY-APPLICABLE TEST STRIPS – Whether you are on Ketogenic Diet, Atkins Diet or Paleo Diet, you can use these ketone test strips to know your ketosis level and feel great as you burn your fats with the diet of your choice.

🥑IDEAL FOR ANYONE ON A LOW CARB DIET – If you are on a low-carb diet, you are guaranteed to get precise results and have peace of mind as you maintain low level of ketones because this product passed extensive clinical and laboratory tests

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